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Sight Words & High Frequency Words

Sight Words & High Frequency Words

Only 100 words make up half of all the words found in book today.  This small set of words are the foundation for our language. They are in our daily reading and writing.

Color Words: red, yellow, orange, green, pink, blue, purple, black, brown

Number Words: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten


Sight Words

What are sight words? Common words that Children are expected to know on sight, instantly, and automatically in order to develop into an efficient and smooth reader. These words are known by sight, that is, by looking at them and recognizing them, without any attempt to be “sounded out”.  Developing a large sight word vocabulary helps a student become a better reader by increasing reading fluency, speed and accuracy.


1st nine weeks:   the, end,

2nd nine weeks: to, of, from, four

3rd nine weeks: into, one, you, said, have, do, was, what

4th nine weeks: my, two, when, they, who, come, where, are, eight



High Frequency Words

High Frequency words are the most commonly used words every kid should know, frequently used and repeated in a book. The difference is they can be sounded out using phonics. We need to teach the phonics lesson that helps them to sound it out.


1st nine weeks: hot, got, a, at, an, not, on


2nd nine weeks: I, am, him, in, it, its, sit, last, stop, as, has, his, is, fast, if, off, ran, ask, big


3rd nine weeks: but, run, up, us, can, cat, cut, best, get, help, let, set, tell, ten, yes, and, did, end, had, red, jump, six, love, well, went, will, win


4th nine weeks: black, she, than, that, them, this, with, look, ate, came, made, make, more, five, like, nine, time, use, here, these, green, see, three, for, or, her, number