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Jennifer Daubenspeck


Welcome to Mrs. Daubenspeck’s  MUSIC room!  



 The students at Nance are training to be musicians.  This year the first grade will be learning these concepts:

September:  Matching pitch/ Singing in tune

October:   Crescendo/ Decrescendo (Gradually getting louder/ quiet),  Ostinato on Xylophones,  Preparing Sol, Mi

November and December:  Preparing for  First Grade Christmas Program  Dec. 14

January:  Identify/Practice Quarter note, quarter rest, eighth note

February:  Identify Rallentando/Accelerando (Gradually getting slower/faster) ,  Identify Sol, Mi, La,  Identify Melodic Contour

March:  Identify duple/ triple meter,   Identify Instruments of the Orchestra

April:  Identify Strong beat/ weak beat,  Play simple pattern on xylophone,  Identify verse/refrain,  Identify  Solo/ Chorus

May:  Respond to unfinished pattern on xylophone,  learn square dancing


There is SO much more we do in music class every day!  You are always welcome to come watch or even participate in our classes and activities!

Please feel welcome to check my daily schedule and see when your child has music and ask them what they learned today.  






Jennifer Daubenspeck

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